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Online Marketing

Online Marketing is a cost effective way to achieve your goals!

If you are wanting to grow your business, online marketing is a highly cost effective way to achieve your goals. Online marketing allows you to target specific internet users who are most likely going to take-up your offer and in doing so you can prudently manage marketing campaigns, including testing and roll-out activities.

Possible Online Marketing (Branding & Advertising) Tactics:

Google AdWords Online Marketing (Branding & Advertising)

Google AdWords is key tactic in order to maintain a strong brand image and presence in an online market that is becoming increasingly saturated. It’s an effective tool, which acts to instantly boost your online traffic and show an increased presence in relation to competition.

A well-considered Google AdWords Campaign, managed on a monthly basis, equips you with the ability to strategically target the right people at the right time, while maximising return.

AdWords Search Ads involves creating an ad that appears on Google when online users search for specific keywords that are linked to your offering. AdWords represents an exceedingly cost effective strategy, since you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your website. The cost of that click is based on the competitiveness of the key search phrases selected. All-in-all you only have to spend what your budget allows i.e. per month, per day, and per ad. There are a number of other types of ads you can run e.g. Display Ads, Remarketing Ads. All options will be reviewed and only the best will be recommended.

Most online ads are easily measurable, thus allowing you to test and rollout with the most successful ads thereby maximizing your ROI.

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Social Media Online Marketing (Branding & Advertising)

Social Media has opened up many new channels for effective marketingof any size business. We are able to run cost-effective marketing campaigns with vast and targeted reach, help maintain customer relations, and facilitate in virtual word-of-mouth marketing. However, there is a lot more to social media marketing than just opening a Facebook business page or Twitter account. It’s an ever involving channel that requires a carefully structured program that incorporates setting key performance levels, post & ad categories… all for gearing meaningful analysis and future planning.

We are able to deliver measurable results, regardless of the budget or brand. We specialise in designing campaigns to suit any budget or goal, utilizing the collective experience of our team. We believe that effective social media management should extend beyond the “what’s required”, and should incorporate all elements ofCampaigning, Design (web and landing pages – destination pages) and even applications e.g. campaign specific client dashboards – so they see how many likes, referrals they have generated as part of a competition entry.

At Web Design Studio Cape Town, we understand that every brand is unique, every goal is important and, as such, offer tailored service to meet the brand’s needs and objectives. Get in touch with us today and we’ll demonstrate how your brand can benefit from social media marketing.